Recruitment and cancellation policy

1. Recruitment policy:

The client must to provide real and concrete information to estimate a real and correct budget. It is mandatory to send street number and postal code, to avoid interpretations. The budget may be modified for this reason at any time by Chofer Madrid Plus.

To be sent by the client, as minimum…

  • Time and direction of departure.
  • Name and telephone number of passengers.
  • Destination address (complete) and intermediate stops (if any).
  • Return time.

All our services as a basis are contracted and reserved prior bank transfer or payment by credit card through the payment link upon approval of the budget in writing and sending of the corresponding invoice. After confirming admission, the reservation will be communicated to you by the most appropriate means, thus leaving the contract closed for the agreed day and hours. 10% VAT must be added to all budgets.

The reservation is only made when the payment has been made in full. Pre-reservations can be canceled by a Madrid Plus driver up to that moment, due to different circumstances such as the availability of vehicles for new reservations.

Payment must always be made and at least 6 days in advance, although payment is recommended 15 days in advance for provisions of several days or weeks. After confirmation of the reservation, you will receive the driver’s contact information so that you can communicate with him at all times, before, during and after the transfer.

The charge will be made in Euros and the exchange rate query tools (if offered) will be for information only. Chauffeur Madrid Plus is not responsible for the conditions applicable to transfers, by banks or third-party applications.

Once the service has started, the route can be changed if it does not exceed 10% of what was agreed in time or distance. If it exceeds, a standard extra hour rate of €60 / hour or €1.5 per additional kilometer will be applied.

The contract is closed for the parties upon receiving a confirmation from us and in writing (never by phone or out loud).

All prices on this website are subject to final review, as they may be out of date or contain text errors. The prices described in articles or sections of this website ARE NOT CONTRACTUAL, just a reference.

The Service includes:

  • Mercedes-Benz models
  • Car washing and conditioning
  • Water, wipes, hand sanitizer, candy.
  • Uniformed driver
  • Liability insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Meet & Greet / welcome (wait with sign airport arrivals)
  • The week before the service we inform the assigned driver.

LAW 561/2006. Maximum 12 Hours/day.

2. Cancellation policy:

Cancellations or signs are not allowed. Only due to justified force circumstances (wedding cancellation, pandemic, natural disaster…) a service may be canceled, as long as it is notified up to 5 days in advance of the transfer date, in which case only 50% of the total reservation will be returned, leaving the other 50% as payment for customer service, coordination, service reservation and loss of other services for that day.

For passengers who do not show up and it is not possible to communicate with them in the 1st hour of waiting, it will be considered a no-show without cancellation* and the user is obliged to pay the full price indicated in the service contract.

Likewise, 100% of the service will be charged if the trip is canceled having started.

*Waiting times that are considered late or no-show without cancellation:

  • In airports, train or bus stations, others…: up to 1 hour maximum. From that moment on, a surcharge for waiting time may be charged in installments of €60 / every hour start…
  • At homes and company addresses: up to 15 minutes maximum. From that moment on, a surcharge for waiting time may be charged in installments of €60 / every hour every hour start…

If the user or passenger needs additional waiting time, they must notify the driver’s assigned telephone number. In that additional time, extra amounts indicated above are generated.

If you have made mistakes in the preparation or reservation of your transfer service or if you have made a mistake in the date and time of your transfer service, Chauffeur Madrid Plus is not responsible. If you notify us of your error or failure more than 48 hours in advance, we can try to solve your incident, as long as we have a vehicle and driver available at the new time you request. Otherwise, your contracted service will not be refundable.

For any questions:

Other basic responsibilities…

BAGGAGE*: Regarding luggage*, there is no additional charge to travel with luggage, although at the time of making the reservation you are obliged to inform us of the luggage to be transported.

  • Mercedes-Benz E class: 3 passengers, 2 XL suitcases + 2 hand luggage, maximum.
  • Mercedes-Benz S class: 3 passengers, 2 XL suitcases + 2 hand luggage, maximum.
  • Mercedes-Benz V class: 7 passengers, 6 XL suitcases + 6 hand luggage, maximum.

* If the passenger carries more bags than allowed in the vehicle, they will have to hire and pay for an additional vehicle (taxi, Uber, etc.) to transport the bags to the destination.

It is not necessary to declare smaller items that can be placed on the passenger footrest, such as cameras, handbags or small backpacks. The passenger will be responsible for any cost incurred in case of needing additional vehicles for the transport of undeclared baggage.

Under no circumstances will you include in your luggage or personal belongings objects that contravene the legislation of the country in which the service is provided (firearms, etc.) or those that may be harmful to third parties, or objects of size, weight, excessive shelf life or brittleness.

PETS: Regarding pets and animals, only guide dogs are allowed, with an additional charge of €100 for subsequent cleaning of the vehicle.

FOOD: It is not allowed to carry alcoholic beverages, drugs, eat or smoke in the vehicles.

LANGUAGES: Our drivers speak Spanish and unless expressly agreed or requested by the client, and accepted by Chauffeur Madrid Plus, they are not obliged to speak other languages.

RIGHT OF ADMISSION: We have the right to deny or abort the service to any passenger who, according to the driver’s criteria, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and to those whose conduct or attitude may be considered dangerous for the driver of the vehicle, for the security of third parties on the roads. Likewise, any lack of respect for the driver will cause the cancellation of the service, before or during it.

Finally, regarding complaints or claims, write to and at the latest we will respond within 10 business days.

For more legal information, we recommend our privacy policy.

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